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Ghost hunting with famous spiritual medium, Rosemary Altea

Added May 18th, 2009

Edison-Ford Winter Estates
Edison-Ford Winter Estates

Before my friend Rosemary Altea, the world famous spiritual medium, headed back
north for the summer, she came ghost hunting with me to Fort Myers, which seems
to be quite spirited.

At the Edison-Ford Winter Estates, it was not surprising that she spotted Mina
. In the inventor’s former lab, something drew her attention to one of
the work areas at the far end of the room and then, on the second floor of the
Ford house, she discovered the mistress of that manor, a vivacious woman who had
such an extraordinary life in that house that she seems to have decided to stay.

This brought back shades of Ca d’Zan, the former winter home of John
and Mable Ringling
in Sarasota.
I have lost count of the number of times I have been there with various mediums.
Each time they tune in to John and Mable and often, they also meet up with Emily,
John’s second wife. On other occasions, I have had the opportunity to be in the
house with members of one or another paranormal society. One of them returned
with a recording made on one of those evenings. The investigator played it several
times for us, offering it as proof of the presence of one of the ladies who once
lived in the house.

Similar paranormal groups have been contacting other sites, requesting permission
to visit late at night with their equipment to see if they can come up with electronic proof that ghosts exist.

Somehow I think the increasing numbers of these societies may be more interesting than their actual

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