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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Lights: A blend of practicality and superstition

Added June 7th, 2009

Today I spent most of the day doing the layout for Haunted
Theatres in SW Florida
and then I got inspired to write the introduction. I have uncovered 39 theaters. Some have so many ghosts that they could probably do their own productions!

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Haunted theaters are haunting Southwest Florida

Added June 4th, 2009

While working on Haunted Theatres of SW Florida,
one of three books currently being researched, I toured the Sarasota Opera
House with opera marketing associate Pat Horwell and Spiritual Medium Rosemary

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Ghost hunting with famous spiritual medium, Rosemary Altea

Added May 18th, 2009

Before my friend Rosemary Altea, the world famous spiritual medium, headed back north for the summer, she came ghost hunting with me to Fort Myers, which seems to be quite spirited.

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When I first met the ghosts…

Added March 12th, 2005

On Dec. 5, 2001, when the idea to go ghost hunting in the Gulf Coast city of Venice, Florida, was presented to me, I had never heard a ghost story in relation to that city.

Turns out, there were several and, one by one they began to drop in on me. Within five months, there were enough stories for a slim volume of stories, I had met several mediums and the hunt continued for more stories, moving next to Sarasota and then, this past year to the Clearwater& St. Petersburg area. Through it all I had ongoing help from the person who started me down this interesting path and for that I shall be eternally grateful.

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